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Are See Kai Run shoes made from genuine leather?

Yes! All four age ranges � Babies, Toddlers, Preschool and Youth � include items that feature uppers made from buttery-soft leather with breathable leather lining. Only quality materials are used to ensure the soft, flexible, comfortable shoes that

Do you test your materials for chemicals?

Yes-all of our materials get tested for restricted substances regulated by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission as established by the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). We conduct thorough, random tests of all

How often do new styles come out?

We offer new styles of footwear twice a year. Typically, the spring/summer line launches in February and our fall/winter line is released starting in July.

Is the leather used in See Kai Run products safe for my child?

Yes! See Kai Run cares about the safety of your child and takes great care in ensuring that the leather used for our shoes meets the most stringent US and international guidelines available.

My child has smelly feet, what can I do about that?

Ah yes, we hear you! Kids feet get pretty sweaty, pretty fast � it is because all the sweat glands are concentrated around very small feet. We are born with all the sweat glands we will have, so there�s a lot of glands in such a small foot! With

SKR Safety and Policy Standards

Feet and shoes often end up in children�s mouths so the safety of See Kai Run products is always on our mind. See Kai Run adheres to the most stringent standards for children�s footwear safety. We comply with all product and safety rules and

What are the different lines available for purchase at

See Kai Run offers footwear for Babies, Toddlers and Big Kids. Our Babies line features Crib shoes, which are true crib booties for ages 0-18 months, and First Walker, which feature a durable rubber sole designed for those taking their very first

What are the materials in See Kai Run's water-friendly shoes and sandals?

Our water sandals and water-friendly shoes use synthetic materials and textiles that hold up well and are perfect for playing in water.