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What is the barefoot movement and what is your take on it?

There are many companies that promote and build shoes that are very minimal. They feel like you are not wearing any shoes. See Kai Run does that too. We build shoes that promote healthy foot development, using a wider toe box that allows the toes to wiggle, just as if a child was barefoot. Our shoes don't pinch feet and toes. We don't add arch supports, as we know children will develop arches naturally over the course of their first 5 years. Our outsoles are very flexible, so that the foot can move naturally. See Kai Run shoes mimic the shape of the foot and its movement. See Kai Run shoes provide protection but fit as if the child is barefoot. We believe barefoot is good, but we know it's not always practical for busy, growing families. Our shoes are the next best thing to barefoot.

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