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Do See Kai Run Shoes have Arch Support?

Our shoes do not have arch support because podiatrists recommend that kids feet should develop naturally and on their own. Babies and toddlers look like they have flat feet because of all the fat pads that are concentrated on that small foot. Kids do

How does See Kai Run Footwear ensure a comfortable fit for my child's feet?

It begins with the last. A last is a molded foot form that represents the anatomical information of a foot; it is what shoes are constructed around. We study and trace kid�s feet to inform our last shape. We�ve learned that wide openings and wide toe

What is the APMA Seal of Acceptance?

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the premier organization of physicians and surgeons who specialize in foot and ankle health. Their Seal of Acceptance certifies that See Kai Run footwear meets their rigorous standards for healthy

What is the barefoot movement and what is your take on it?

There are many companies that promote and build shoes that are very minimal. They feel like you are not wearing any shoes. See Kai Run does that too. We build shoes that promote healthy foot development, using a wider toe box that allows the toes

Which See Kai Run shoes are best for orthotics?

The double strap styles are best for orthotics and leg braces because they open up the widest. Sneakers styles are highly recommended because you can remove the insole to gain extra space in the shoe for AFOs.

Why are baby or toddler shoes with flexible soles better for my child?

Podiatrists agree that barefoot is best for proper foot and muscular development, but it is not always practical. Flexible, lightweight soles are recommended because they are protective for indoor and outdoor wear, yet not restrictive. Because